The way you dress says a lot about you and your personality, style, thinking, income, and even what type of job you do. Most of us don’t think much about fashion, but there’s a reason why the fashion industry continues to draw in millions of money every year and the reason is ‘Self-expression’. Yes, the way we dress has a lot to do with the way we express ourselves to others. Let us explore why:

Clothing Impacts Your Thinking

Whether you like it or not, your clothing affects your life more than you think. It communicates volumes about you and your personality. Your clothing has a story to tell about you. When you choose what to wear, you’re not just randomly putting on clothes, but you are expressing your liking and disliking. Research shows that the way you dress not only impacts the way others think about you but it also affects the way that you think about yourself. One study has found that dressing professionally increases your abstract thinking, and broadens your perspective. It makes you more creative. When you wear dull clothes, you feel low and less confident about yourself.

Semantic Boxing Champ T-shirt

What you wear has a bearing on what people perceive about your interests and hobbies. If you love boxing, wearing a t-shirt that says so separates you from the crowd and who knows, may be you'll find someone come up to you to discuss the sport, various tips and techniques. 

First Impressions and Clothing Associations

While we know that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, one has to accept that’s just how humans are born. People have the ability to judge someone in front of them within milliseconds. That is why first impressions become so important. Subsequently, that is how some people come across as charming and attractive thanks to their sense of style. The other person’s style forms a part of what we call intuition or gut feeling. People with loud make-up and gaudy clothes are generally perceived to be extroverts. People with dull shades on themselves are considered to be introverts. That’s just how it is. First impressions matter whether we like them or not, and the way we dress forms a huge part of our first impression.

How well you dress impacts what others perceive of how much effort you like to put into your appearance. And, how much effort you put in for your appearance directly speaks about how disciplined you are. If you go around wearing shabby clothes, people might even think that you don’t have your life put together or that you are jobless. Keeping on a tidy and sharp look can help you get the job that you’ve always dreamt of. Moreover, it might attract like-minded people to you. Imagine yourself using a bag of a particular company, others who like that company might approach you because you’re carrying around that bag. Dressing up also enables you to be creative in ways that you never thought you needed to be. The reason why depressed people dress in darker shades and make-up has a reason. They are being creative in their way and trying to express their feelings to others. When one does not feel good on the inside, they don’t feel like appearing bright on the outside. This means that looking a certain way helps you express those parts of yourself you never even knew existed.

How to Express Yourself Through Clothing

There is a saying, “A man is known by his dress and address.” This is correct in that a particular style of dressing impacts a huge part of our life, and so, If we know, we just know. Try and dress according to what you want to communicate to others about yourself. One needs to know about what they’re wearing. Do not wear something just because others are wearing it. One needs to consider his/her body type, built, weight, complexion, and most importantly what they want to express. One should dress according to the occasion too, for if you wear casuals to a formal party, then others might think that the occasion is a joke to you. Clothes reflect who you are, what you are feeling at a particular moment, and even what your aspirations are. So, dress accordingly. Our website has everything to help you that can help you express yourselves. Since our mission is not just clothing, our mission is to help you express yourself better.

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